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What is it about? Bleaching

2010-11-28 22:12 von Carina Kirschstein



Who does not want to have bright white teeth, as white teeth are beautiful, they indicate beauty and health.

Unfortunately, only few persons have bright teeth.


Each person has its  own dental colour. Rarely a person has pure white teeth. Mostly, white dental colour is being drawn through by yellowish or greyish shades. Thus, everybody has its  individual dental colour. In addition thereto, human teeth may attract diecolorations due to consumed food. Also, smokers' teeth discolour as well as teeth of those who like to drink wine, coffee or tea. What is more,teeth  become darker with age.


Something can be done against dental discolourations


The dentist offers his patients different methods to brighten  teeth:


Important hereby is to have one's teeth professionally cleaned. When cleaning teeth,discolourations and dental plaque are being removed. By brush and polishing compound the dentist removes  dental plaque. Afterwards the dentist  often applies a fluorine compound in order to better protect teeth.


But the dentist is able to remove dental discolorations by using a special air abrasive device. However, teeth are being treated gentler by professional cleaning.

Is this method always  sufficient ?


If dental deposits are too many und too strong a professional cleaning is no longer sufficient. By filling of the root, dental colour may change, same applies if you are on certain medications. Now stronger methods have to be applied.


Bleaching- What is it about?


The dentist uses  compounds which, when  penetrating  dental enamel, alter internal colourants chemically. Oxygen radicals provide for teeth' optical brightness .

Two methods may providefor teeth'beauty :


There is a difference between „in office bleaching"and „home bleaching".


„ In office bleaching" is being caried out by the dentist,while „ home bleaching" is being done by you. Important is the concentration in bleaching agents.Omly the dentist is allowed to use high concentrations of bleaching agents. The dentist has to work very intently and has to watch everthing closely.


When you apply " home bleaching", a dental print will be taken from your teeth and a corresponding  plastic splint will be manufactured. This splint is to be daily filled with the bleaching agent and to be inserted into the mouth. Thus teeth will be bleached. You are to wear the splint for six to eight hours daily. This treatment is not to be carried out longer than six weeks.


Prior to each treatment a professional cleaning will be implemented. Light dental discolourations thus are gone and the dentist may commence with bleaching.

Are there preconditions to adhere to  in order to use bleaching?


Teeth  must not show signs of  decay. If decay is visible, it has to be removed by the dentist. If chemical agents penetrate the tooth, it  soon may become brittle. Therefore,you can not expect a good result. Bleaching is meant to give you a bright and white smile and not to destruct teeth.


If you suffer bleeding from the gums, you have to wait for this treatment  until the dentist has fixed this disease. Dentures and fillings are not to be exposed to bleaching. For they may discolour during bleaching


Are there any side effects?


Yes, there are. When teeth are teated to bleaching , an intolerance may occur  to cold and hot beverages and food .Within three days this intolerance will disappear.

Is bleaching suitable for everyone?

  • Not to be used on pregnant women
  • Strong smokers and orthodontic patients should abstain from bleaching
  • People who are under a lot of medication
  • If you suffer from certain allergies, you should abstain
  • persons with lots of fillings and...

Costs for bleaching


Tratments intended for cosmetic purposes are not be paid for by the health insurance. You dentist wil advise you on costs which occur for cosmetic treatments.




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